SAP Spool issue – affects all Releases

January 4th, 2010 Posted in Management, Monitoring, OSS, Support Pack

SAP have detected a problem in the spool area which affects all customers in the world regardless of the SAP release and any support package level.

As soon as the retention time of a spool request exceeds 2009/12/31 a wrong date 2100/01/01 is entered during creation of the spool request. As a consequence these spool requests will not be deleted anymore from the spool reorg jobs. Using the default retention period this affects all spool requests on each SAP system in the world created since 2009/12/23.

OSS Note 1422843 already contains the correction instructions and the relevant kernel patches for 3.1 –> 46B (one patch) and 46c –> 7.xx (another patch). There’s nothing for anyone (unfortunate enough to be) running any of the original 2.x systems yet.

It is a little ironic – An old friend and I were discussing Y2K and all that in a general “what were you doing ten years ago ?” manner on New Years Eve. Should I tell her that SAP had a Y2K+10 ?